Kursalon Vienna Concert and 4-Course Dinner

Enjoy a gourmet dinner and classical Viennese concert at the Kursalon Vienna with this dinner and performance combo.

Savor a 4-course meal of fine Austrian cuisine before sitting down to a 2-hour concert of classical masterpieces by Strauss and Mozart, plus many other wonderful pieces from Vienna's rich musical history. Along with waltzes and piano concertos, relish the accompaniment of stunning opera singers and ballet dancers.


  • Dinner included
  • Enjoy a romantic night including dinner
  • Romantic experience, perfect for couples
  • Treat a loved one on a special occasion

Begin your evening with dinner at the Restaurant Johann inside the beautiful Kursalon Vienna concert hall. Sit down to a gourmet 4-course dinner of seasonal Viennese dishes amid the exquisite surroundings of one of Vienna’s most famous and historic concert venues. (See Sample Menu below.)

It was here that the waltz was popularized in the 19th century thanks to Viennese composer Johann Strauss.

Kursalon OrchestraPerforming dances and concerts regularly, Kursalon Vienna concert hall soon became a popular meeting place for Viennese society to enjoy music and savor the joie de vivre (exuberant enjoyment of life).

Still preserving its historical roots, the Kursalon now has a modern flair, with four spectacular ballrooms on two floors and a spacious terrace with views over Stadtpark, a large municipal park in Vienna.

After dinner, you’ll be escorted to your seat in Lanner Hall for the Salonorchester Alt Wien concert, one of today’s best-known interpreters of classical Viennese music. This is absolutely remarkable!

As the musicians play, savor the lilting sound of waltzes, polkas, arias and duets, as well as operetta and piano concerto melodies accompanied by opera vocalists and ballet soloists.

Revel in the performances of Strauss’ ‘Voices of Spring,’ ‘Roses from the South, ‘The Sigh Galop,’ ‘A Little Night Music’ and ‘On the Beautiful Blue Danube,' and Mozart’s ‘Rondo alla Turca’ and the overture to the opera Le Nozze di Figaro.

Be enchanted by Strauss' 'My Lord Marquis' from The Bat operetta and 'Entree Zsupan' from The Gypsy Baron operetta, as well as Johann Schrammel’s ‘Vienna remains Vienna' and many more pieces from Viennese musicians throughout the centuries.

We suggest you book the first two rows with a VIP ticket, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine during the interval, and take home a Johann Strauss CD with your Kursalon Orchestra program.

The Rise of Food Tourism and Vacationers Love the Challenge

Food Tourism

We all love to eat. And when food has a cultural tie to it, we love it even more.

People think about food when planning a vacation. However, the ah-ha moment has only recently hit tour guides. Now they realize food us a major part of why people visit.

Visitors know a lot these days. They understand cultural differences. And visitors seek new experiences. So why not give them what they want?

Below we look at why food tourism is so important, what tour guides are doing to cater to food tourists, and showcase a few trips we think you would enjoy.

Why is food so important?

The taste, texture, and shape of food drops a visitor right into a culture. The whole experience of food preparation and eating it makes food tourism a big plus for people looking for a new adventure.

Food tourism opens the door to other cultures. We remember the smells. We taste the unique flavors. We laugh at the stories. Food and drink sparks memories we love to make and talk about for many years to come.

Top 5 Food Experiences

food tourismPrivate Food Tour in Greece

Enjoy this authentic and private food tour in Athens. Your local host is an experienced food journalist. She takes guests on an unforgettable tour to the city’s most popular food market to experience the taste of true local Greek products.


food tourism

Gourmet French Food

There’s no need to consider calories on this tour. We combine gourmet French food with a three-hour walking tour! Your small group tour is led by an expert food connoisseur. The guide will take you through a number of Paris neighborhoods. You will visit a French bakery, pastry shop, French caterer, wine shop, cheese shop, fruit and vegetable shop, and market.

Experience Indian Food in Delhi

This food tour is a great way to explore the cuisines and sights of both parts of Delhi city in one delicious package. In this food tour, guests discover all the major culinary attractions of Old Delhi as well as New Delhi along with visits to a few landmarks of the city.


food tourism

Icelandic Food Lovers Tour

Treat your taste buds to the tastiest tour in Iceland on this small group tour. They say that sharing a meal is the best way to get to know each other. Well, taking a walking tour with at least 6 foodie stops is even better. Stops along the way include the oldest restaurant in Reykjavik, a legendary hot dog stand, a favorite food market (if open), and one of the top restaurants in Iceland.

Authentic Tuscan Food

On your way through the center of Florence, you will enjoy gourmet stops in typical Florentine bars, shops and eateries. Cheese and salami taste even better with a glass of fine Chianti wine in one of the numerous quaint Osterias. Not to forget the famous Vin Santo with the delicious almond cookies from Prato. Finally, you will enjoy a wonderful gelato made by a true professional with all the proper fresh ingredients.

Why makes food tourism significant?

For many tourists, returning to the same places is a given. They want to enjoy tried and tested recipes on their trip. Visitors want to return to old friends and the food they enjoyed.

Also, more and more visitors explore unknown places to meet new friends. They want to try out places farther away in search of new and special cuisine.

The main reason a person decides to visit a place is the culture, natural wonders, and the food. And we all have got to eat, right? Overall, food has become a central part of the tourism experience.

How does food tourism help preserve culture?

People and their stories humanize an experience. This makes it attractive to visitors. By sharing stories, tourists better understand a culture. They then love to share stories. They love to talk about the adventures they have experienced. You can't help but smile when a local cook tells you the family history behind a dish.

What is the impact of food tourism on culture?

Travellers love hands-on activities in the kitchen. Many food tours showcase local planting, harvesting, and cooking. When a local cook shows you how they make pasta, or shares a special ingredient, then your have really gotten your money's worth.

Food Tourism


Adventure Travel Planning – Experience Your Adventure

A ready-made vacation should give you stories to tell. An experience you can remember for life. Photos, videos, and memories you can share with your friends.

Moroccan Overnight StayWe find the most fun, luxurious, and unique ready-made vacation adventures for you to take right now. Weekend pleasures, week-long safaris, and one-of-a kind adventures await you in our collection of vacation experiences. Dive in and see where your next vacation takes you.

Iceland Foodie Tour Takes in Flavor of the Golden Circle

Experience the ultimate Iceland Foodie Tour as you take in the popular attractions of the Golden Circle with a taste of the local cuisine and drinks!

Iceland Foodie Tour

You will see Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Hot Spring Area and Gullfoss Waterfall. In between you will make stops along the way for a taste of local food and drinks. See some of Iceland's most visited sights as you follow your local guide and get a taste of what Iceland is really like!

Your Iceland Foodie Tour adventure starts with a 9 AM Reykjavik pick up. Here you will meet your local guide. He will then lead you on a quest to drink in the local culture and taste the local cuisine. By the way, we take in some of iceland's most stunning attractions.

From the capital you will head towards the first attraction of the famous Golden Circle sightseeing route. We will stop in Thingvellir National Park. Thingvellir is a UNESCO World Heritage site, best known for its geological and historical wonders. Stroll around the stunning park and see one of the world's oldest parliaments. You can also walk between the Eurasian and North American plates before continuing on to Geysir hot spring area.

Geysir is home to the big Geysir from which all other geysers draw their name from. Strokkur geyser spouts water up to 40 meters into the air. This is in the Haukadalur hot spring area. Here the true power of mother nature is inevitable. Definitely an experience you will not forget.

After Geysir it is time to visit the golden waterfall of Gullfoss. This iconic waterfall is among the most visited attractions in Iceland and that for a good reason. The stunning setting of the fall is simply magical. Located in the canyon of Hvita River, Gullfoss falls in two stages through the rugged canyon creating the perfect photo stop so make sure to bring your camera along.

Now onto the food stops included in the Iceland Foodie Tour:

On the way you will stop by the charming family farm of Efstidalur to taste their delicious meat soup and homemade ice cream. The meat soup is a traditional Icelandic dish loved by Icelanders for many generations. As you sit and enjoy your meal you will get a glimpse of the farm life such as the cows that produced the milk used for the farm's delicious ice cream.

Fridheimar tomato greenhouse is also among the stops you will be making along the way. At Fridheimar they grow tomatoes all year round. Here you will get the opportunity to taste Fridheimar's famous tomato soup. Pair it with some homemade bread. Then gain insight into the greenhouse horticulture as you tour the greenhouse.

The Iceland Foodie Tour then concludes with the local's favorite delicacies, ponnukokur (icelandic pancakes) as they're called and kleina (twisted doughnut) at Ingolfsskali. Ingolfsskali is a stunning viking themed restaurant designed in in the styel of the original turf-roofed Icelandic longhouse. Here you will also get the opportunity to get a tour of the turf house and learn all about the history of the vikings.

Before you head back to Reykjavik at around 6 PM where your tour concludes you will also get the opportunity to taste Brennivin and dried fish a tradition that goes way back in Icelandic culture.

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Chobe National Park Safari – Glamping in Botswana

Take a glamping safari into Botswana's first national park.

This adventure on the Chobe River takes you near Victoria Falls. Arguably this is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was named by Scottish missionary and Africa explorer David Livingstone for Queen Victoria.

Chobe National Park is Botswana's first national park, and also the most biologically diverse. Located in the north of the country, it is part of the Chobe riverfront. The campsite is situated in the extreme northeast of the park.

Day 1:

We begin our day exploring the Chobe River through Chobe National Park. We will drive to the river after meeting guests at the airport or one of the borders (Kasane International Airport/Zambia or Zimbabwe border). The drive will be about 25 kms to our campsite going through the Chobe National Park.

Chobe National Park - puku antelope

Throughout the Chobe riverfront there are lush flood plains and dense woodland of mahogany, teak and other hardwoods now largely reduced by heavy elephant pressure. The Chobe River which flows along the Northeast border of the park, is a major watering spot, especially in the dry season (May through October) for large breeding herds of elephants, as well as families of giraffe, sable and cape buffalo.

The Chobe National Park flood plains are the only place in Botswana where the puku antelope can be seen.

Chobe National Park - carmine bee eater

Birding is also excellent here and large numbers of carmine bee eaters are spotted in the flood season. During the flood, various species of stork, duck and other waterfowl flock to the area.

This is likely Chobe's most visited section, in large part because of its proximity to the Victoria Falls. The town of Kasane, situated just downstream, is the most important town of the region and serves as the northern entrance to the park.

Day 2: 

Along the Chobe river front, we will do a morning game drive after breakfast and return to campsite around 11:00 am. Then we depart from campsite at 12:30 for a three-hour boat cruise in town which will end around 5 pm so that we have enough time to drive back to the campsite.

Day 3:

This morning we will take a game drive to see Botswana's plentiful herds of animals, before heading down to town around lunch time for a boat cruise with lunch on board. Later, we drive back to the campsite and will see more animals on an afternoon game drive.

Day 4:

We end our day of luxurious camping and return to the drop off point (Kasane International Airport/Zambia or Zimbabwe border).

This adventure includes many luxury extras, including:

  • Spacious and comfortable tented accommodation including beds & bed linen, with a private ensuite bathroom & shower
  • Services of well experienced professional guide
  • Game drives & boat cruises, canoeing (mokoro), transfers in 6-seater vehicles
  • Exclusive private campsites within game reserves, national parks & private concessions.
  • Camping & entrance fees
  • All meals & drinks (mineral water/Sparkling water, soft drinks, beer, wines (red & white), gin & tonic.
  • All activities as specified in our itineraries.
  • 12 % value added tax

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