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On Your Next Cruise Use Mobile Passport Control

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Passengers traveling on cruises who are citizens of the United States will be required to clear customs upon their return to any port in the United States. If your cruise will be calling at a foreign port, you will need to fill out some paperwork and make a statement when you return.

On your next cruise use Mobile Passport Control, a free app created by US Customs and Border Protection to speed up the customs process. You can download it on your mobile device.

Mobile Passport Control is a recommended option for travelers who want to breeze through customs without standing in a long line. With the app, qualified travelers can streamline the customs process by completing the necessary papers before they ever arrive at the checkpoint.

There is always idle time while you wait in line to get off the ship. You could use that free time and use the Mobile Passport Control app to speed up the entry process.

Your personal information is kept safe by the Mobile Passport Control app's security technologies. Also, your data is sent straight to Customs, which makes it less likely that it will be stolen.

The application makes re-entry a snap for cruisers, particularly those who are traveling in large groups or bring young children with them. By having everyone in your party do their paperwork while you are still on the cruise, you will be able to save time and avoid waiting in large lines at the immigration control station.

It is possible for parents who are traveling with young children, for instance, to submit their passport information and their declaration to customs all at the same time. As a result, you won't have to make use of additional applications or devices for yourself, your spouse, or your children.

Additionally, users of the Mobile Passport Control app have access to dedicated lanes. When you and your children use the Mobile Passport Control lanes together, the entire process becomes much easier.

This feature is ideal for families on the run because it streamlines the customs process without requiring individual app access or the time-consuming traditional customs return, which can be a hassle for young children in particular.

Last but not least, there is an alternative to Mobile Passport Control; however, I would only recommend it to persons who travel regularly outside of the country or who travel frequently for work. Global Entry is the name of this specific tool. 

Global Entry features an extensive application process that includes background checks and in-person interviews, in contrast to Mobile Passport, which does not require pre-approval before being downloaded and utilized. Mobile Passport is easier to use and only gets a traveler through the customs process faster.

When a traveler has Global Entry, they are able to use TSA PreCheck, which allows them to go through airport security screening more quickly. For those that travel frequently, this could be considered advantageous. Mobile Passport is only capable of speeding up the procedure of entering customs.

Membership in Global Entry costs $100 for a period of five years, with the majority of the money going toward covering the background check for TSA PreCheck. Mobile Passport is free to download and use.. 

The most important advantage of using Mobile Passport Control is that it allows parents who are traveling with young children to provide customs with both their passport information and their declaration at the same time. Additionally, completing the customer forms in advance is a significant advantage. Because of this, I strongly recommend that families who travel on cruises once a year or less give serious consideration to the possibility of utilizing Mobile Passport Control.

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