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Las Vegas Museums

Las Vegas Museums

Those with an interest in art, history, or culture might visit one of the museums in Las Vegas. If you find yourself in Las Vegas, you might want to check out these museums:

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, The Mob Museum explores the American underworld and its storied past. Housed in what was once a federal courthouse, this museum likewise focuses on the history of organized crime. The brick wall that the seven men were lined up against during the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre is the most unusual item there. Everywhere you look, you can see bullet holes.

The Neon Museum showcases the unique art form of neon lights and signs. Interactive Situated just off Las Vegas Boulevard, this museum is devoted to conserving and displaying the city's famous neon signs. An amazing assortment of neon signs from Las Vegas's golden age may be found at the Neon Museum. Historical context, methods, sign firms, traditions, and anecdotes are all included on these visits. If you're like neon signs or just interested in the era, you're sure to find something as a take away.

The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas chronicles the evolution of nuclear testing in the Nevada desert and is a good choice if you're interested in the history of nuclear testing in the Nevada desert.

Among the many excellent exhibits housed in the Springs Preserve complex is the Nevada State Museum. Spectacular costumes worn by performers and showgirls are on display during a dedicated tour. 

A few other notable museums:

  • Meso-American artifacts are housed in a tiny wing of the Marjorie Barrick Museum, which focuses on modern art and is located on the UNLV campus.
  • The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art isn't technically a museum, but it does house archival and documentation services on par with those of a museum.
  • Adults interested in sex culture and history may like the Erotic Heritage Museum.
  • The Hall of Fame at the Burlesque Museum traces the evolution of burlesque from its origins in Las Vegas to different parts of the globe.
  • Just west of Las Vegas in Henderson is the Clark County Museum, which features a portion of a train station and old historic homes.
  • The Zak Bagans Haunted Museum, houses the strange and horrifying artifacts that he has amassed throughout the years. Located downtown near the Arts District.

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