Iceland Foodie Tour

Iceland Foodie Tour Takes in Flavor of the Golden Circle

Experience the ultimate Iceland Foodie Tour as you take in the popular attractions of the Golden Circle with a taste of the local cuisine and drinks!

Iceland Foodie Tour

You will see Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Hot Spring Area and Gullfoss Waterfall. In between you will make stops along the way for a taste of local food and drinks. See some of Iceland's most visited sights as you follow your local guide and get a taste of what Iceland is really like!

Your Iceland Foodie Tour adventure starts with a 9 AM Reykjavik pick up. Here you will meet your local guide. He will then lead you on a quest to drink in the local culture and taste the local cuisine. By the way, we take in some of iceland's most stunning attractions.

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From the capital you will head towards the first attraction of the famous Golden Circle sightseeing route. We will stop in Thingvellir National Park. Thingvellir is a UNESCO World Heritage site, best known for its geological and historical wonders. Stroll around the stunning park and see one of the world's oldest parliaments. You can also walk between the Eurasian and North American plates before continuing on to Geysir hot spring area.

Geysir is home to the big Geysir from which all other geysers draw their name from. Strokkur geyser spouts water up to 40 meters into the air. This is in the Haukadalur hot spring area. Here the true power of mother nature is inevitable. Definitely an experience you will not forget.

After Geysir it is time to visit the golden waterfall of Gullfoss. This iconic waterfall is among the most visited attractions in Iceland and that for a good reason. The stunning setting of the fall is simply magical. Located in the canyon of Hvita River, Gullfoss falls in two stages through the rugged canyon creating the perfect photo stop so make sure to bring your camera along.

Now onto the food stops included in the Iceland Foodie Tour:

On the way you will stop by the charming family farm of Efstidalur to taste their delicious meat soup and homemade ice cream. The meat soup is a traditional Icelandic dish loved by Icelanders for many generations. As you sit and enjoy your meal you will get a glimpse of the farm life such as the cows that produced the milk used for the farm's delicious ice cream.

Fridheimar tomato greenhouse is also among the stops you will be making along the way. At Fridheimar they grow tomatoes all year round. Here you will get the opportunity to taste Fridheimar's famous tomato soup. Pair it with some homemade bread. Then gain insight into the greenhouse horticulture as you tour the greenhouse.

The Iceland Foodie Tour then concludes with the local's favorite delicacies, ponnukokur (icelandic pancakes) as they're called and kleina (twisted doughnut) at Ingolfsskali. Ingolfsskali is a stunning viking themed restaurant designed in in the styel of the original turf-roofed Icelandic longhouse. Here you will also get the opportunity to get a tour of the turf house and learn all about the history of the vikings.

Before you head back to Reykjavik at around 6 PM where your tour concludes you will also get the opportunity to taste Brennivin and dried fish a tradition that goes way back in Icelandic culture.

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