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How to Stay in Vegas for Free

How to Stay in Vegas for Free

You can get comped rooms in Las Vegas. The key is loyalty and the way to show this is through a casino’s players card. It allows you to show you enjoy what the casino offers in the gaming, dining, and shopping.

If you have a Player's Card from the casino in the hotel where you are staying, make sure you insert it into the machines you use every time you play. The loyalty program monitors this behavior, so make sure you show the casino you're spending money by utilizing it for gambling, dining, or shopping.

If you like the slot machines that might be the easiest and best way to get a “free” room. Basically, you can obtain comps if you take $200-$300 and spend a few hours playing a progressive slot, video poker or blackjack. This shows you are a serious player. Combine this with visiting a high-end restaurant, and you are now on the casino’s radar.

Every casino is different in how they award comps based on their target market. Most casinos have been using computers and algorithms for quite some time. They know a lot about the behaviors of guests. And they compare what you are doing with their models from the information collected via a player card.

A casino will probably send you an offer if you establish a track record of loyalty at the property. This offer may include two or three nights of free accommodation, some paid food, and occasionally "casino cash." Some may still charge you a resort fee, which can be up to $40 or more per night, so be ready to pay something. However, because you have been a devoted player at a casino, you will notice incentives begin to roll in aimed at enticing you to return for more action.

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