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Good Travel Sense

As parts of the country begin to open back up and we approach a holiday weekend next week, we thought we could share a few safe traveling tips to keep you all healthy!

?Carry a container of sanitizing wipes in your vehicle. You can use these on gas pumps, door handles, credit card keypads, shopping carts, and anything else you may need to touch while you're traveling.

✋Limit stops while road-tripping. While we know you may want to stop and enjoy various road-side attractions, try to limit stops to necessities only. Gas, restrooms, and food. If you need to stop and stretch your legs, look for someplace with lots of space to allow you to socially distance from others.

?Research the current rules and guidelines for destinations along your route and your final destination. Are masks required? Are restaurants open? Are certain activities not allowed right now? Research ahead of time and plan accordingly.

?Wash your hands whenever possible. If there's not a sink around, hand sanitizer will do for the time being. When you arrive back to your hotel/camper/house/etc., make sure you wash thoroughly.

?Depending on your destination, it may be a good idea to bring some family fun activities that your family hasn't done before! Think of new board games, outdoor games, or other activities to keep you occupied and entertained in case the attractions you're hoping to visit are closed.

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