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Five Reasons to Use a Travel Advisor

Booking with a travel advisor means placing your trust with someone who will look after you, not just during the coronavirus crisis, but at any time.

One thing we learned during the pandemic was that having a travel advisor represent clients was really the best way to deal with disruptions, a lack of customer service, and other pitfalls. Travel Advisors served as a go-between for customers and vendors, and this feature above all persuaded people that using a travel agent was a wise choice.

After all, customers were so frustrated by the other booking channels’ inability to address their concerns that they considered travel agents indispensable.

Here are some other reasons why a Travel Advisor can help:

  1. Emergency contact while you’re abroad
    No matter where you are in the world, travel advisors are available to answer your questions. Rest assured, customers always have the comfort of knowing there’s someone there who can offer expert advice whenever they need them.
  2. One single point of contact for customer care
    Your travel advisor is the single point of contact for the customer and will handle all arrangements with airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, hotels and ground transportation companies. They will deal with everything on behalf of customers — there’s no Googling the right contacts or waiting on hold.
  3. Expert knowledge
    An advisor partners closely with relevant industry associations and government agencies to ensure that correct information and full facts regarding current international travel is always communicated to our customers.
  4. Value for money
    An advisor works hard to provide the very best value in the market, with exclusive rates for the world’s best hotels, cruise lines and airlines.
  5. Greater trip protection
    An advisor can recommend options for travel insurance companies to protect your financial investment as well as provide medical evacuation services and trip interruption coverage, when necessary.
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