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A Second Language Enhances Travel

Learning a second language has numerous advantages, regardless of whether you plan to travel overseas or not. You'll meet interesting people, stretch your mind, and get a fresh outlook on life.

Of course, learning a new language before traveling abroad is a surefire way to broaden your horizons, experience local customs, and meet interesting locals

Discover the many advantages of learning a new language:

  1. Traveling internationally is now more convenient and fun than ever before. Although being able to communicate adequately in English is a given in many nations, it is not always the case. Speaking the local language allows you to fully experience any country, even ones with a respectable population of English speakers. You will find the local culture easier to understand. You will also experience a decrease in the initial fear associated with boarding that aircraft. If you don't know the language, even the most basic things like asking for directions or understanding street signs can be difficult.
  2. As a bonus, learning a new language improves your memory and comprehension. The memory gets a big workout when you learn new words in a foreign language. You'll also need to pay close attention if you want to comprehend what people are saying to you. Few things may challenge your brain like learning a new language. You'll learn a talent that employers can use. A command of a second language is an asset in many fields. The experience will be a great addition to your resume.
  3. Research suggests that picking up a second language may stave against or at least delay the onset of certain forms of dementia. Evidence suggests that bilinguals are less likely to develop dementia than monolinguals. Learning a second language has been shown in multiple studies to have positive effects on cognitive function.
  4. Studying a foreign language broadens one's understanding of the world and its peoples. Just think about how different life would be if everyone had the opportunity to learn a second language and immerse themselves in a different culture.
  5. Learning a second language is a terrific way to broaden your social network and meet people from all over the world. Pen friends, language pals, and travel mates can be found on a plethora of websites. The world is a small place where friendships can be formed.
  6. Going native also will help you save money. Food and other things in tourist destinations are sometimes priced too high. Because English is more widely spoken, these places can entice travelers. You'll have the guts to venture off the typical tourist route, which will lead to more affordable meals. Additionally, you will have the skill to bargain well. Although many other countries allow and even encourage price haggling, it is not widespread in North America. Negotiation becomes more challenging when linguistic barriers are present.

The advantages, however, extend well beyond the realm of improving and sustaining brain function, learning new customs, or saving money. Your travels will be more memorable and fulfilling as you meet new people and talk with them in their native language.

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